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Our Services

As soon as we receive ampoules and bulk ware, we begin with the filling of the ampoules. We work in accordance to the cosmetics order GMP and under cleanroom conditions.

We also offer pre and post fumigation with the protective gas argon.

Our business uses state-of-the-art Bosch bottling plants to guarantee a maximum degree of accuracy and precision.

We are working in a two-shift operation to allow for a highly optimized and fluid work-flow. If required, we label and package your ampoules as well.


The ampoules are steadily checked for flaws and are carefully packed.



Our leading service is the bottling and sealing of glass ampoules. Our modern machines ensure a maximum degree of quality and reliability.

The minimum quantity of printed ampoules amounts to 50,000 pieces.



From 2019 on, we offer the labeling of ampoules as an alternative to printed ampoules in order to manage smaller charges.

The minimum quantity amounts to 10,500 pieces /

maximum 50,000 pieces.



We also offer the packaging of already bottled ampoules. We use folding boxes, which are provided by our customers.


Please contact us in case of any further questions.

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